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Qingdao Introduces Real Estate New Deal: Protecting Just Needs Restraining Investment Speculation

Protection Just Needed to Support Improvement, Suppress Investment Speculation, Continue to Promote Smooth and Orderly Operation of Real Estate Market in Our City
Source: Qingdao News Author: | Editor: 2018-04-18 17:15:09
Today, the Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing issued the "Notice on Continually Promoting the Smooth and Orderly Operation of the Real Estate Market in Our City."

The notice determines:

First, in the areas of Shinan District, Shibei District, Lidai District, Laoshan District, Huangdao District, and Chengyang District (including Gaoxin District), this city has one set of housing (seven cities and three cities, the same ) Household registration households (including some family members whose families are households of the city, including couples and minor children, the same below), can provide continuous payment of 12 months or more in the city within 2 years from the date of application Non-local household registration households with personal income tax payment certificates or social insurance payment certificates (all family members do not own the household registration of the city, the same below), purchase 1 set of housing (including new commercial housing and second-hand housing, the same below); In the area, households with a family register of two or more houses, non-local households with one or more houses, and non-local residents who cannot provide the above-mentioned tax payment certificate or social insurance payment certificate are suspended. Its sales. The non-recognition of the pay-and-pay personal income tax payment certificate or social insurance payment certificate shall be rejected.

The second is that the new purchases of commodity housing and second-hand housing within the city's territory (seven districts and three cities) need to obtain the "improper title certificate" for five years before being listed for trading.

According to the analysis, the two-year limited sales policy for purchases of homes and housing for limited foreign residents introduced by the city has, to some extent, curbed the demand for investment speculation. In order to further implement the position that “houses are used to live, not used for speculation”, in accordance with the overall deployment of the state on strengthening the classification and control of the real estate market, according to the new situation and new situation of the real estate market in the city, this policy adjustment focuses on protection. Just need to support the improvement of housing demand, increase purchase restrictions, restrictions on sale of policies, suppress investment, speculative purchase demand, will further promote the smooth and orderly development of the city's real estate market.


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